Three Bathers by Douglas Giebel

Three Bathers by Douglas Giebel

American Art Collector: Indicative & Allusive

June 2018 Issue 152, by Rochelle Belsito

"An exhibition exploring the enduring power of the figure is on view at Delaware Contemporary. One of the most classic subjects in art is the human figure. It is known intimately by artists and often studied in great detail..."

Group Exhibition 

April 1 - August 26, 2018

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 6, 2018
| 5 - 9 PM during Art Loop
Panel Discussion:
 6 - 7 PM

The Delaware Contemporary presents The Figure: The Indicative and the Allusive, an exhibition of twenty-two contemporary American artists offering new perspectives on the enduring power of the human figure in a transient world. Asking "what does it mean to be human?" this exhibition explores vast methods of expression through realism, abstraction, and symbolism. It examines the internal experience of living in one's own skin, the layers of genetic inheritance, perfect or flawed; and, the external, cultural experiences that inform artistic expressions of the body. It delves into body image, identity, and self-expression. It investigates what conventions throughout art history inform the expression of the figure. It seeks to peel the layers of self-absorption, aging, gravity, or body narratives. The spectrum of physical materials used by different artists represents the human body as physical and sexual, how the body moves and creates, and what the body carries or leaves behind. In doing so, this exhibition seeks to continue, expand, and deepen the enduring power of the figure.

Exhibiting artists include Tara Booth, Gina Bosworth, Katee Boyle, Moe Brooker, Ellen Durkan, Douglas Giebel, Bruce Herman, Tendai Johnson, Alex Kanevsky, Ken Mabrey, Michael Jones McKean, David Page, Lydia Panas, Lynda Schmid, Noel Sylvester, Stephen Tanis, Brad Vanneman, Vicki Vinton, Christina A. West, Peter Williams, Simone Welsh, and Carson Zullinger.

Curated by Kathrine Page

Carole Bieber & Marc Ham Gallery

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