ON ART, Conversations With The Artists

The Delaware Contemporary is proud to debut ON ART, Conversations with the Artists.  Beginning September 20th, 2017, ON ART officially replaces our Art Salad artist talk series and will feature exhibiting artists, regional artists and curators.  Be a part of the conversation and engage in meaningful discussions about current art trends and expressions. 

Every 3rd Wednesday 5:15 – 6:00 PM

followed by Open Studio workshops from 6 to 8 PM. 

ON ART Conversations will take place in the Wings Foundation Auditorium.


Adam Ledford


September 20, 2017

Traditional ceramics meet the modern world. Inspired by the 1977 song lyrics by the Talking Heads' musician David Byrnes, "My building has every convenience... It's gonna make life easy for me... It's gonna be easy to get things done," Ledford researched anthropological ceramic traditions used as narratives about culture, individual relationships and activity. His ensembles explore mid-century ideologies of modern conveniences that question women's roles, mass marketing, mass consumption, and the dogmatics of suburbia.