January Opening Reception 2019

Friday, January 11
7 - 9 PM | FREE


Join us for this special opening reception launching our 40th anniversary year! These exhibitions showcase some of the artists and creative visionaries that founded and have supported The Delaware Contemporary throughout our history.


Rick Rothrock & Stan Smokler
Carole Bieber & Marc Ham Gallery
Artist Talk | 7:30 PM

The Delaware Contemporary founder Rick Rothrock and long-time supporter Stan Smokler join forces for the first time to showcase their three dimensional work in Origins. Individually, both artists transform their materials into bold, witty, and complex forms. Smokler harnesses the additive method for his steel sculptures, while Rothrock employs the subtractive method of chipping away bits and pieces of stone. Together, the works of these celebrated artists find common ground in symbolism and shared visual experiences.


This exhibition is supported, in part, by a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. The Division promotes Delaware arts events on www.DelawareScene.com.

Graham Dougherty & Ruth Ansel
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery
Founding member and one of our first studio artists Graham Dougherty and long-time studio artist Ruth Ansel come together to present paintings that take color beyond the visual experience.

”The measured proportions give stability; the color, sensuality; while the patterns of abstracted light, reasoned in their geometric forms and sensual and ambiguous in their colors, give release and relief to an moment remembered or desired.” - Graham Dougherty

“I can hear the particles of pigment as I grind them into a paste on the palette and I can hear the almost imperceptible beat as the brush connects with the panel… Attention to these sensations leads me to a state of meditation. The result of this process is a painting which, I hope, allows the receptive viewer to experience a similar state.” - Ruth Ansel

Erica Loustau 
Lobby Installation
Seeking to engage the open space of our atrium lobby, artist Erica Z. Loustau, Assistant Professor of Art & Sculpture at West Chester University, returns to The Delaware Contemporary to integrate stellar design and an inviting atmosphere. Loustau’s aerial sculptures are the personal expression of spontaneity and improvisation. The color patterns and kinetic energy echo the connection between herself and her investment in the observable natural wonders of science and society. The random, periodic movement of the colorful bands transports the viewer's own imagination to "new heights."