Curated by Morgan Hamilton
Exhibiting Artists: Veronica Cianfrano, Hillary Hanak and Kelly Murray, Amy Hicks, Hillerbrand + Magsamen, Edward Ramsay-Morin, Ryan Murray, Quentin Quinn, Qin Tan

A Group Video Exhibition

Nov 18, 2016 - Jan 12, 2017

Science has been steadily catching up with fiction. Jules Verne wrote about sending humans to the moon in a metal bullet fired from Earth’s surface, and one hundred years later NASA turned his fantasy into reality with Apollo. Star Trek showed us a world of wireless telecommunications and virtual sensory instruments, and merely decades later we carry those tools in our pockets. The rate at which science meets its fictional counterpart is quickening, but so is the rate at which our imaginations can conceive of grander achievements.

The earliest humans must have wondered about the night sky; we are still trying to answer those ancient queries. Their early curiosities were written into our DNA; two million years later we have walked the moon, photographed Pluto, and made early forays to Mars. That instinctual wonder has echoed down the eons and pushed us into space to touch the stars.

The artists in We See The Stars juxtapose traditional narrative structures with non-linear digital video art to explore our relationship with outer space. Some use filmic techniques to create a world in which they explore our relationship with space, some use durational performance reinterpreted through a computer, some create visual, textural experiences to delve into dimensionality. In every case, the artist reaches out to, or into, space, passing celestial curiosity into a new age.

Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury best summed up our hunger to defy our limits when he said, “We see the stars, and we want them.”

Carol Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery