Monk Time #6 Photo Credit: Peter Wayne Lewis Fine Art ©

Monk Time #6
Photo Credit: Peter Wayne Lewis Fine Art ©

Buddha Plays Monk #3 Photo Credit: Peter Wayne Lewis Fine Art ©

Buddha Plays Monk #3
Photo Credit: Peter Wayne Lewis Fine Art ©

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Published: 08.19.2019
This fall will be nothing short of visionary at The Delaware Contemporary. Their first get of the season? Critical darling Peter Wayne Lewis, the internationally coveted Jamaican-born painter who has spent the past 10 years making his abstract art out of a studio in Beijing’s renowned artists’ district. The large-scale abstractions that color “Beijing Booster Paintings” are a cultural revolution: see influences of African American expressionists, Japanese sumi ink paintings, Chinese calligraphy and traditional American painting.

Peter Wayne Lewis

October 4, 2019 to February 26, 2020

VIP Preview Reception: 
October 3, 2019
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Public Reception: 
October 4, 2019 | 5 - 9 PM during first Friday Art Loop

Beijing Booster Paintings is an ambitious exhibition by internationally collected and celebrated artist, Peter Wayne Lewis. For over a decade, Lewis has maintained and operated out of a studio in Beijing, China’s renowned 798 Art District. His large-scale abstractions are informed by artistic antecedents from American Abstract Expressionist painters such as Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler, as much as Japanese sumi ink paintings and Chinese calligraphy by master painters like Ba Da Shan Ren. Tapping into both American and Asian traditions of painting, Lewis’ body of work makes a compelling case of cross-cultural aesthetics in an age of increasing globalization.

The overall valance of harmony laid bare on Lewis’ canvases are often punctuated by interruptions of dissonance that take protean forms. Lewis’ works are intended to be non-representational and expressions of his desire to manifest the omnipresent energies that dictate scientific concepts such as String Theory. For Lewis, paint is the vehicle with which to crystallize his considerations of physics, spirituality, and music; particularly jazz. Lewis creates a space where harmonious arrangements are forced to coexist with chaos. The comforts of pattern and balance are constantly put in peril on a visual plane where entropy reigns supreme. Which force of nature wins in the end may only be determined by the viewer.

Inspired by the world of jazz and musical greats such as Thelonious Monk, Lewis’ painterly creations possess a pervading volatility that directly speaks to the improvisational nature of jazz music. There exists an unquestionable tension that underscores Lewis’ work, one that is also inherent in the production and experience of jazz. In Lewis’ Buddha Plays Monk Suite, the tension between harmony and dissonance, a singular self-contained moment of expression, and an infinity of new experiences all teeter an ever-narrowing line that begets novel planes of awareness and understanding. The convoluted layers of paint beckon for viewers to discover and reawaken the rhythms within while navigating his work’s capricious twists and turns, flowing cascades, and sudden cessations.

Lewis’ works have been uniquely crafted due in large part to his oscillation and absorption of values and aesthetics between the East and the West. An artist with Jamaican roots, Lewis studied painting in the United States before taking on Eastern artistic interests in China. Lewis aims to collapse not only the modulations of time between the past and present traditions in his art, but also the varied artistic and intellectual histories that resonate with his identity as a Black American working to synthesize with the East.

Peter Wayne Lewis was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies and immigrated to the United States in 1962 where his parents made their home in Sacramento, California. He received his Master of Arts in painting in 1979 from San Jose State University in California and became an American citizen in 1983. He is a tenured Professor of Painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts and the former Chairman of Fine Art 2D department. He has exhibited extensively in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, USA, and Asia. Exhibitions of recent paintings produced in his Beijing studio include MOCA-Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami; UCCA-Ullens Center of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; and China Art Museum, Shanghai, China. He is in numerous public and private collections. He currently resides in South Orange, New Jersey; Boston, Massachusetts; and Beijing, China.

Gallery Representations: JAYJAY-Contemporary Fine Art Sacramento, California; W MING ART, New York-Beijing-Shanghai, and SKOTO GALLERY, New York. Lewis currently serves on the board at White Box Gallery, New York.

-Michelle Dao, Curatorial Assistant 

Carole Bieber & Marc Ham Gallery

彼得·韦恩·刘易斯:北京助推器 绘画展

展期:2019年10月4日 -  2020年2月26日

VIP 迎宾活动:2019年10月3日,晚 5 - 7点

开幕酒会:2019年10月4日,晚 5 - 9 点

美国特拉华当代艺术馆(The Delaware Contemporary)荣幸地宣布即将带来国际知名艺术家的大展——彼得·韦恩·刘易斯:助推器北京系列Peter Wayne Lewis: Beijing Booster Paintings)。在过去的十多年里,刘易斯在中国的首都,北京,建立了自己的工作室并在那从事艺术创作。他的大型抽象作品受到了许多不同流派大师的影响,诸如美国抽象表现派画家马克·罗斯科(Mark Rothko)和海伦·弗兰肯塔勒(Helen Frankenthaler)、日本青墨画,以及中国书法和国画大家如八大山人。涉猎美洲和亚洲传统绘画,刘易斯的作品在这个日益全球化的年代里,是跨文化美学的一个重要范本。


受到爵士乐大师塞隆尼斯·蒙克(Thelonious Monk)的影响,刘易斯绘画形式创作中的普世无常对应了爵士乐的即兴属性。其作品中存在着不言自明的紧张感,仿佛是在创作和体验爵士乐时的固有感受。在他的《佛祖演奏蒙克(Buddha Plays Monk Suite)》系列中,有序和无序之间的博弈,无穷的新体验,主动性与被动性,都徘徊在逐渐模糊的界限上,从而产生了意识层面新的理解。绘画中的层次似乎在引导观众探索并唤醒自身的韵律感:在反复无常的曲折中,也在戛然而止的流动性里。


彼得·韦恩·刘易斯出生于牙买加,1962年与父母于移居美国加州的萨克拉门托。1979年硕士毕业于加州圣何塞州立大学(San Jose State University in California),1983年成为美国公民。现任波士顿麻省艺术设计学院(Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston)的绘画系教授(Tenured Professor of Painting),曾经为美术平面部门(Fine Art 2D Department)前主席。他在非洲、加勒比地区、欧洲、美国、亚洲等地举行过展览。他在北京创作的系列作品,近期展览在北迈阿密当代艺术馆(MOCA-Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami)、北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心、上海中华艺术宫等机构举办。他的作品在美国境内外被许多藏家收藏。


相关画廊有JAYJAY-Contemporary Fine Art Sacramento, California; WMING ART New York-Beijing-Shanghai;SKOTO GALLERY NEW YORK, LOOC ART。刘易斯目前在纽约白盒子画廊(White Box Gallery, New York)担任董事会成员。

- 米歇尔·道(Michelle Dao,策展助理)英文撰文
- 包雯璐(Wenlu Bao,策展助理)中文翻译

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