Crossroads , Caroline Chen

Crossroads, Caroline Chen

Caroline Chen & Brad Vanneman

November 2 — November 27, 2017
Opening reception November 3, 2017 from 5 to 9 pm during Art Loop.

Brad Vanneman
These are 2X enlargements of some album pages. The originals have been cut from various papers found on my desk, drawing table or workbench starting in 1980 and this continues unabated. Here is approximately one third of what I’ve saved but I only save about one third of what gets drawn. The criteria used for what gets saved isn’t completely clear to me. I recognize the bad ones. What I do know for certain…when I consciously try to draw anything like them, I fail. 

So I guess it’s my subconscious mind coming out in dribs and drabs when it sees a chance. 

…but I’m thinking it’s elves.

Caroline Chen
Artmaking can be a conscious entry into the unconscious; a dance between the intentional and unintentional. Many times, observing from life and getting lost in the work reveals surprises, messages, metaphors, lessons, and

moods. The paintings portray outer and inner landscapes from local scenes, recent travels, and journal sketches.

Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

Brad Vanneman

Brad Vanneman