Jury Smith

Oct 29, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Attention and devotion
dialogue with
impulse and attachment.

reaches back
pulls forward
stretches wide
anchors and slips.

Stones hold
dark edges
light pulls
silken thread
spun from fissures.

Tone is everything here.
In the voice is a cloud.

Jury Smith studied ceramics at Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia) and Sanboa Ceramic Art Institute (China). Her ceramic work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Europe, Asia, and across the U.S., at such places as the the Oliver Sears Gallery (Dublin), Jingdezhen University (China), the Clay Studio (PA), Artists Space (NYC), and Blutenweiss Gallery ( Germany).

Among other publications, her work has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Sculpture Magazine. Smith’s work was selected for the 6th World Ceramic Biennial in Korea at the Icheon World Ceramic Center. In addition to the Korean Biennial, recent exhibitions include the Hunterdon Art Museum (NJ), Hockaday Museum of Art (MT), The Center for Visual Research at the Lachaise Gallery (PA), and Dubh: Dialogues in Black (NYC). Jury currently teaches visual art at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, with a focus on ceramics and sculpture.

E. Avery Draper Showcase