Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers


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Gina Bosworth

October 19, 2018 - March 17, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, November 2 | 5 - 9 PM during Art Loop

In honor of our 40th anniversary, The Delaware Contemporary is proud to present Confluence by Gina Bosworth, our first executive board president. As one of our founding members, Bosworth's presence has been instrumental in shaping the vision and direction of Wilmington's art environment over the decades.

Confluence marks Gina Bosworth's second artistic return to The Delaware Contemporary. Bosworth strives to unite the scientific world with the artistic in her works. She investigates life forms from a molecular to a macrocosmic level revealing new ways of interpreting the natural splendor that surrounds us.

Working from questions such as, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" and "Is there an invisible life force?" the artist begs the viewer to consider our existence in cosmological and metaphysical terms. Bosworth makes the abstract structures of our known world concrete by using materials such as paper, wire, acrylics, linen, silk fibers, and magnets. 

Systems of life invisible to the naked eye are made observable and tangible through Bosworth's vibrant knotted fiber works. Inspired by American fiber artist Diane Itter, Bosworth has studied fiber working since 1998 under the tutelage of celebrated fiber artists Jane Sauer and Philadelphia's Ed Bing Lee. Bosworth's works depart from that of other fiber artists working in the contemporary moment due to her focus on the intersection of science and art. Colors, patterns, and organic forms collide on her tapestries, weaving new stories and connections between time and space, to enlarge the hidden and obscured elements that govern human existence on earth. Her organic interests come full circle in the materiality of her works when we consider that silk is a protein fiber produced by silk worms and other insects, and cotton is made up of ninety-percent cellulose, an organic compound vitally important for strong cell structure, and is harvested from plants.

Gina Bosworth spent many years in Wilmington, Delaware, as a supporter of the arts. In addition to helping establish The Delaware Contemporary in 1979, she also owned and operated a corporate fine art business, Axis Fine Arts, for over a decade. A graduate of the Penland School of Crafts and Duke University, she holds a degree in history. She has exhibited widely in the region and across the nation, with exhibitions at the Delaware Center for Horticulture, the Read-Johnson Gallery in Santa Fe, and the Delaware Art Museum. Bosworth has also been the recipient of the Delaware Division of the Arts' Opportunity Fellowship and the Interweave Press Award for best in show at the Northern Colorado Exhibition.

Curated by Michelle Dao and Kathrine Page.

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