Art & Couture
A Contemporary Centennial

Celebrating the Suffragettes and 100 Years of Women's Rights

Saturday, April 25, 2020

This major fundraising event celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment assuring Women's Right to Vote, the suffragettes who made it happen, and contemporary women of influence who are our modern day "suffragettes." Our mission is to showcase the powerful role art plays in celebrating the strides that have been made over the last century, and recognize the individuals and organizations that are carrying the torch today.

Art & Couture: A Contemporary Centennial will feature Suffragettes, an interactive fashion experience designed by artist Shawn Baron Pinckney and modeled by approximately seven local, contemporary women of influence. Pinckney's artwork explores the sacred ritual of dress and its cultural significance. Utilizing fashion, history, and literature as a foundation, Pinckney elicits a new dialogue about societal norms with the objective of opening the viewer’s mind to a broader reality of humanity.

Suffragettes celebrates women of strength, conviction, and character who broke down the walls of gender inequality and simultaneously birthed a new foundation of government, all while mothering a nation and nurturing those who opposed them. Carrying signs while impeccably dressed in white, adorned with a brooch and purple, gold and white sash, they transformed city blocks into elegant and refined spaces. Wearing their solidarity, a sea of white, purple, and gold marched on with the rallying cry "Votes for Women."

Pinckney represents the spirit of the suffragette with historical silhouettes and turning picket signs into wearable pieces of art that will inspire the modern day suffragette to transform any space she occupies with the rallying call, “Votes For Women!”

Sparked by the milestone of Women's Right to Vote was a ground breaking decade for women in business, women's health, reproductive rights, sports, aviation, the list goes on. This event will capture that adventurous and rebellious spirit of the 1920s with a VIP Speakseasy, jazz and big band music, and will highlight contemporary female artists and the challenges women still face today.

Stay tuned for more details and save the date for Art & Couture!


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