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By artist No. 223

July 9 - October 31, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, August 2, 2019
5 - 9 PM during Art Loop

The Delaware Contemporary presents an exhibition of 40 new works created in both China and the United States by Chinese contemporary artist, No. 223 (a.k.a. Lin Zhipeng) as part of an initiative promoting cultural exchange. Amphibian Relationships marks the first solo exhibition of No. 223's works in the United States. The featured works represent the status of divergence and dissociation in different cultural backgrounds as it affects identity, living conditions, and emotional linkages. Urban emotions are dissected through a documentary lens and the scope of deconstruction by recording raw, honest desires.

The work of No. 223 is influenced by American photographer William Eggleston through storytelling with color, composition, portraiture, or details of life. Since 2004, No. 223 started using photography to share emotions and personal narratives. His visual language employs simplicity, often blurring the images to explore the relationship between people and utilitarian items in different times and places. For example, the relationship between fruit and glass, the connection of table, chair, and bed, the association of lights and shadows cast at night. The linkage of sexual organs and lace fabric create a disconnection of the absurd or the suspicious that reflect the untraceable youth of all adults. Following his various roles as media practitioner, author, and independent publisher, No, 223 gradually learned the amphibious voices and rules lingering between his own artistic world and the outside world. Those voices led him to dig for the truth of oneself and of the world, while absorbing different perspectives to calm the exterior spirit of events.

While No. 223 is passionate about time alone, he is equally passionate about urban life, travel, food, and communicating emotional ties, never forgetting to record those subtle and extraordinary occasions with his camera. His motto is "What You See Is What You Get." Another one of No. 223's influential contemporary photographers, Wolfgang Tilmans, once expressed during an interview with Art Review, "I insist that what you see somehow was in front of the lens. I want people to trust this as a basic given." This statement underscores the notion that artists remain loyal to cross-examination and exposing the truth of human relationships and hidden emotions. As such, No. 223 invites the viewer to consider his views, however opposing, that lead to coexistence and tolerance.

No. 223, a.k.a. Lin Zhipeng, was born in Guangdong province, China and graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a major in Finance. Lin is a photography artist, writer, and independent publisher, now based in Beijing. He constructed a blog titled North Latitude 23 posting his personal photographs and words which garners over a million views. He has contributed to numerous creative and fashion magazines as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as Vice, S magazine, VISION, iLOOK and City Pictorial, and brands such as United Nude, Converse, Nike, Glaceau Vitamin Water and Bacardi. He also produced video works such as SANSAR, SCENE and Xanthium. Since 2005, he began a self-publishing project including three volumes of photography entitled My Private Broadway, and an independent, creative magazine project, TOO Magazine. In 2012, he published a photography works collection entitled NO.223 in Taiwan, and a personal travel book entitled SATELLITE OF LOVE in China. In 2016 he published a photography book HIDDEN TRACK in France. His photography works were included in 3030:NEW PHOTOGRAPHY IN CHINA, Elephant, Back to Black & White, and Asian Creatives.

This exhibition contains graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

Curated by Willie Yao, China Initiatives Creative-in-Residence

DuPont I Gallery