Throughout the world, contemporary art’s popularity is on the rise. This is no less so here at The Delaware Contemporary where this past year, thanks to our successful exhibitions, educational programs, Art Loop nights, and special events, attendance at the museum has smashed old records!
For thirty-seven years, The Delaware Contemporary has anchored our region’s vibrant contemporary art scene as a gathering place for artists to show new work, create and sell art, and celebrate with the public the exciting visual intersection of art, design, and technology.
You know how exciting it can be to discover a new artist or experience first-hand visual storytelling through a contemporary art form. That is why we are asking you to  support of our work with a contribution to our annual fund.
This is how important your support is to our mission: 
As a non-collecting museum, we present an ever-changing array of art. Every year we present between 25-30 exhibitions at our state-of-the-art facility along Riverfront Wilmington that features both emerging and established artists who are making a mark in the art world. This November and December, we are presenting the work of regional contemporary artists Jake Beckman, Quentin Moseley, and Stephanie Garmey, among others. In January, we welcome guest curator Marianne Bernstein’s innovative Due South exhibition that will feature the bold work of contemporary artists from Sicily and the United States as well as well-known British artist Isaac Julien. 
We also engage our community by offering art experiences to schools, churches, and community groups. Quietly, each year, we produce - with your philanthropic support - over 15 programs and workshops involving teachers and students. Often, these art classes and art projects are the only formal art exposure these students receive. The work they produce is vibrant and exciting and helps to instill in them a love of the arts. In the future, we want to expand the work we do with school-age children and teachers, both on-site and with community partners throughout the city.
With your help, we are making investments in new visual capabilities that will allow us to keep pace with new ways of presenting art in digital media, as well as enhancing lectures and meetings. This summer, with generous support from our philanthropic partner, the Longwood Foundation, we installed a new media wall that has completely transformed our old “black box” auditorium into a new kind of “connected” gathering place for artistic expression. Come check it out!
The Delaware Contemporary was founded by artists who realized that our community has a wealth of talent producing art that enriches our lives. And we are proud to continue that tradition.
Please make a gift today to our annual fund and support our efforts to bring you fresh, innovative art, educational programs, and new experiences in contemporary visual media. We look forward to seeing you soon!