Alternatives Museum Shop

Real Art. Real Gifts. 

Stop by to view our unique selection of handcrafted cards, jewelry, ceramics and more!

Friends receive a 10% discount. Gift certificates available. 

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Taste of the Holidays

Be a part our annual Holiday Craft Show on Friday, December 1!  This festive shopping experience will be on display during first Friday Art Loop along with "Taste of the Holidays" by Barry's Events. 


Featured Artist

Ceramicist and sculptor Lauren Vanni presents her line of functional stoneware bowls, mugs, and vases in our Alternatives Museum Shop. Her work responds to her interest in the natural environment and how humans mark, order, and alter the land. Vanni is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Cecil College and recently received her MFA from the University of Delaware. 

Photo also features handmade booklets by Susan Benarcik.

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Featured Products

Pens by Michael Elliott, a native Delaware artist working in exotic hardwoods, acrylics, and other man-made and natural materials.

Notebook by Lindsay Schmittle of Gingerly Press, a design studio dedicated to the old-time art of handset letterpress printing. Gingerly Press creates paper products that embody colorful modern design and the revival of an antiquated process.