T  he Circular Journey: Telling of our Stories

The Circular Journey: Telling of our Stories

Haeley Kyong

August 3 - 31                                    

Studio artist Haeley Kyong’s work has taken the form of traditional painting, sculpture, two dimensional wall art, and site-specific installations. The essence of Kyong’s work is the language of dimensional reduction, simplifying compositions through the elimination of extraneous information, and drawing attention to the core essence. The Circular Journey: Telling of our Stories is a suspended sculptural installation. It is an interpretation of the visual form of DNA, using cylindrical forms made from watercolor paper. A combination of her life experience and education allows her perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary.

Kyong has had exhibitions in museums, galleries and public venues throughout the nation, including the Union Station in Los Angeles, CA and the Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, FL.

Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery