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As we continue to celebrate our 40th anniversary year, The Delaware Contemporary is beyond excited and grateful for the rekindled enthusiasm toward the importance of contemporary art in our community. Our organization grew on the powerful belief that sharing captivating art experiences and exhibitions, creating artist opportunities, and developing educational programs with visitors and communities throughout our region plays a vital role in uplifting our community as a whole. Through dynamic youth and family programs we are able to introduce future contemporary artists to their first modern art world experiences. The Delaware Contemporary was founded by artists who recognized the wealth of our community's artistic talent and the role art plays in our lives and in bringing people together. We are proud to continue that tradition.

THANK YOU to our friends and donors for your loyalty and enthusiasm. We look forward to making new friends as we build a future of more extraordinary art experiences. Your contributions help us continue to expand our dreams as an organization, the dreams of our peer contemporary artists, and the future landscape of our community through the important presence of art.


Helen Page's Legacy Fund

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To honor the upcoming retirement of Helen Page, our Associate Director for Administration, and her “30 years of extraordinary generosity, time, and wise good sense," an anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $25,000 in donations made in her honor. 

Check donations can be made payable to THE DELAWARE CONTEMPORARY with Helen’s Legacy Fund in the memo line.

Mail to: THE DELAWARE CONTEMPORARY, 200 South Madison Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Donate to Helen's Legacy Fund



Transcendence, Collaboration, Access

THE DELAWARE CONTEMPORARY has had a very significant impact in my life by greatly increasing my self-esteem, confidence, and public speaking skills. I have developed a love and understanding of the fine arts that I didn't have before.

The Delaware Contemporary plants seeds of change in the visitors and staff, inspiring them to branch out into the world to create new growth. We grow as we enter in and we share new growth as we exit. That is the beauty of art.

– Philip Glass
Assistant Art Teacher, Gallery Tour Guide, and Volunteer


Diverse, Refreshing, Alive

I initially became involved with THE DELAWARE CONTEMPORARY through the Creative Arts Club program with Delcastle High School. I've since graduated but the program, atmosphere, experience, and people left such a lasting impression on me that I keep coming back.

The Delaware Contemporary has become my artistic home away from home, sparking my creative nature, and teaching me so much through meeting great artists and seeing beautiful installations. One of my favorite memories is a conversation between me and exhibiting artist, Mrs. Seong at an Art Loop. I never fully understood her work but was drawn to it. We talked about her life, perspective, and motivations which really wowed me because it was all very unique and different to me. I truly enjoyed getting to know her and will continue to be inspired by her story. It was actually one of the reasons I set out to learn how to paint.

– Adolphus Fletcher
Former Student and Volunteer


Welcoming, Inspiring, Home

I discovered THE DELAWARE CONTEMPORARY as I was searching for a place to meet other people who liked to do creative things. It became the first place I made new friends when I moved to Delaware. This space, and these people, make me feel at home surrounded by other people who can’t help themselves but to create.

I love that there is always something new to marvel at that spurs my imagination. Nothing is static.

– Katherine LeCocq
Emerging Artist