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Be a part of The Delaware Contemporary’s Annual Holiday Craft Show!

Friday, December 1, 2017, 5 - 10 PM 

Our Annual Holiday Craft Show takes place during First Friday Art Loop along with “Taste of the Holidays,” a wine, beer and spirit tasting experience by Barry’s Events. The Craft Show features 15 - 20 craft art vendors on display in our lobby and auditorium.

Submission Deadline: October 25, 2017 by 5pm

Notification of acceptance by: October 31, 2017

Application Fee: $10 (nonrefundable)

Booth Fee: $100/$90 Friends

The Holiday Craft Show is a festive shopping experience dedicated to enhancing the awareness of contemporary American craft while providing a venue for emerging and established artists to sell their creative products. We encourage participating vendors to offer merchandise priced below $50. Merchandised priced over $50 may be included, but items priced under $50 has been more successful in previous years.


The Application Submission and $10 Fee must be submitted to be considered for this event. Each vendor will be provided an 8’ x 5’ booth area in our lobby or auditorium. In order to be reviewed, you must email your application fee receipt number and 3 - 5 high quality images of the work you intend to sell at the craft show to cwiddoes@decontemporary.org.

If you prefer to submit via mail, you may send your Application and $10 Application Fee and images of your work to:

Attention: Courtney Widdoes
200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Make checks payable to The Delaware Contemporary



  1. The Delaware Contemporary reserves the right to reject any application.

  2. Each applicant must be the designer and creator of all items available for purchase at the show.

  3. Application imagery provided by selected artists may be used in the event’s promotional materials.

  4. Artist spaces must be presented professionally and with prices clearly marked for all items. Tables should be draped to the floor and all storage containers should be out of sight during the event.

  5. Artists will be responsible for collecting and maintaining all personal financial records required by local, state, and federal law.

  6. No commissions will be taken on items sold. Artists will handle their own sales.

  7. Ability to receive credit card payment is encouraged, but not required. Free wifi is available on site. Vendors are responsible for making their own change, money change will NOT be provided by the museum.

  8. No raffles, open flames (i.e. candles), or selling of any manufactured goods will be permitted at the Craft Show unless related to the artwork, such a candle sold with a handmade lantern.

  9. Artist spaces or freestanding display units must not protrude into aisles or block emergency exits.

  10. Artist exhibitor spaces must not be left unattended during the Craft Show. If you need to leave your booth, please notify a security guard.

  11. The Delaware Contemporary accepts no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of goods or equipment.

  12. Exhibiting artists who are also current store artists may not sell any item also available in the store for more than 10% lower than the current store retail price. The store staff will refer all interested customers directly to the exhibiting artist for the days of the Craft Show.