Daniel Dias


Daniel Dias



The University of Delaware Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

May 4 - June 3, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 4, 2018, 5 - 9 PM during Art Loop

The Delaware Contemporary announces the annual exhibition of Master of Fine Arts candidates in our joint venture with the University of Delaware. This year's exhibition is titled Cadence and will feature artists: Dona Altemus, Lisa Bennett, Rayna DeReus, Daniel Dias, Phat Le, Townley Mateson, Celeste Morton, Kate Testa, and Simone Welsh.

Cadence is the rhythmic flow of sound, motion, or activity, the pattern in which something is experienced. Through their distinct styles, methods, and processes, these nine artists present the underlying drumbeat of life by investigating themes of growth, identity, and transformation.

Dona Altemus uses the art forms of collage and installation to shift perceptions of everyday objects by repurposing their function. 

Lisa Bennett constructs photographs in the studio that contemplate her encounters with light. 

Rayna DeReus transports you to her self-made "worlds" by blending fantasy with reality. 

Daniel Dias fuses different cultures and traditions to demonstrate how these cultures can coexist and enhance the human experience. 

Phat Le's figurative paintings explore sexuality in a way that becomes confusing and awkward. 

Townley Madison creates intimate ceramic objects inspired by fragility, biased beliefs, and our shared experience. 

Celeste Morton's paintings react to the representation of women in literature, film, and contemporary culture.

Kate Testa's mixed media works explore themes of the metaphysical world while investigating how the art making process can transcend into a spiritual practice.

Simone Welsh's mixed media paintings investigate relationships between the biochemical processes of the human body and the traditional female form.

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